SSW Sponsor Training and Development Award

SSW Automotive

With people at the heart of all businesses, a commitment to continuous development through Learning and Development is essential. The automotive industry is in a period of change that will see greater innovation and development of technology than it’s seen in its 100 year history - so having the right people is critical, having them trained and developed, even more so! This commitment to learning though is not just about training, it is about the culture and support within a business that attracts and retains the right staff and managers - as Richard Branson has said “train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they stay!”

SSW Automotive are very proud to be sponsoring the Training and Development Award for the 2020, Auto Industry Excellence Awards as this gives nominated organisations and teams the chance to be recognised for their outstanding efforts in the field of people development.

SSW Automotive is a fresh, innovative business founded by father and son team, Stephen and Matthew Whitton. Their mission is to create and provide “a new hope for automotive training” that ensures learning and development is fit for purpose in the next decade and beyond. As technology develops at a pace, behaviours, particularly those of customer facing staff and leaders need to be evolved and honed to keep ahead. This is why SSW has rapidly become the go to training provider for people development, coaching and consultancy that is different, modern and impactful as well as engaging and results driven! One client describes their approach and specifically “the Whittons” as “Cool and Funky” - although Stephen and Matt can’t quite agree on which of them is which!

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