Spidersnet delighted to sponsor the ‘Dealer Website Excellence Award’ at the Auto Industry Excellence Awards.

Spidersnet delighted to sponsor the ‘Dealer Website Excellence Award’ at the Auto Industry Excellence Awards.

We’re delighted to be an official sponsor of the Auto Industry Excellence Awards. Having been building websites for motor dealers for over 20 years we’ve seen many businesses of different shapes and sizes achieve fantastic levels of success. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of an awards ceremony that celebrates the achievements of dealerships regardless of their size.

There are some fantastic, innovative dealers up and down the UK, who are doing great things with their online presence. So we’re incredibly proud to be sponsoring the ‘Dealer Website Excellence Award’, a prize that celebrates top quality car dealer websites. Here at Spidersnet we build websites for a whole host of different motor dealers from small independents to large prestige dealerships, so this is an award that’s very close to our hearts.

Spidersnet is an award-winning web service provider, stock broadcaster, lead generator, and digital marketing agency for the automotive industry. Beginning by building websites for motor dealers before search engine giant Google was born, we’ve since seen the entire face of the industry change. Our founder had a background in car sales, giving us a unique insight from the very beginning. We saw the precise issues faced by dealerships as consumers began to turn more frequently to the internet when purchasing cars. We didn’t spot a gap in the market; we’ve been operating before the market existed.

We now offer a suite of digital marketing services as well as website design. On top of purchasing a new website, dealers are able to make use of our stock broadcasting software, search engine optimisation expertise, Google Ads packages, copywriting and logo design, and a number of other offerings.

Modern day consumers spend hours online researching which vehicle they will purchase. They’ll gather insurance quotes, acquire finance, and read reviews from both peers and automotive experts. With buyers going to greater lengths online before deciding on their purchase, it’s vital that dealers are well equipped with a quality website, and other digital marketing expertise to enable them to remain ahead of the competition in such a competitive and ever-changing landscape.

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