Retail Team of the Year

Sentience Automotive Solutions Ltd

We are delighted to be sponsoring the awards for the 2nd year running and are proud sponsors of the “Retail Team of the Year” award. This award represents the exact ingredients that we know makes a successful business: its team and its people. By recognising the excellence of the team, we also recognise the excellence of the business.

As a consultancy, we most often begin with the team. A motivated, focused and engaged team will always deliver exceptional results. Therefore, it is our pleasure to sponsor this award and celebrate the winners success.

About us:
Sentience Automotive Solutions Ltd is a boutique automotive consultancy, formed in 2016 by Ali May-Khalil, with the vision of providing the Automotive industry with a fresh, measurable and real approach to driving the performance of our clients. Having got the T-Shirt, it was felt the training and consultancy approach was given a shake-up. Real people, with real experience, delivering real results; on the ground, in the thick of it and in partnership with our clients.

We get stuck in, we lead by example, we are not afraid of the tough conversations, we care about our clients and we work alongside them to get them where they want to be. We are obsessed with exceeding our clients expectations and have a terrific amount of fun doing it!

More detailed summary:
Simply put: we help you to sell more, for more, by recognising what is stopping you, your business and its people, from realising your true potential. We identify and break down the blockers and coach the skills needed to get you and your business in shape to maximise its opportunities.

We have done the job. We know the challenges and we know what great looks like. Real people, delivering real results.

We work with Automotive businesses of all shapes and sizes from small independents to large independents, some of the world’s most luxurious brands, to Automotive finance providers, Automotive website providers, warranty companies and to institutions such as the IMDA and IMI. One thing all of these businesses, and their people, have in common is that they all want to sell more, for more and to develop, support and coach their people to deliver on this simple objective.

There is no need to complicate matters. Sell more, for more. We identify the problem and design and deliver the solution to our clients. This could be in the shape of a financial analysis of the business (a health check if you will), a bespoke sales development programme for the sales team, sales management development to enquiry management process development.

Customer buying habits have changed, and so have their journeys to the industry. We specialise in the coaching of the people in the business on how to identify what stage the buyer is at, the buyer type and, crucially, how to maximise the enquiry. We coach you to not only survive but to THRIVE in the digital Automotive sales world.

What makes us unique? Well, we design each and every solution for your business by hand. We are the bespoke tailor as opposed to the factory outlet, we are the family restaurant as opposed to the national chain. We do this by being real. High quality “ingredients” with no clichés, no jargon and no nonsense. We are a family business that treat our clients exactly like that: family. We bloody love what we do, and we love to see our clients succeed.

Why involved in the awards?
We are delighted to be involved in the awards for a second year, and are very proud to do so, because we believe in them. Simple as that. Recognising the graft, the passion, the slog and the dedication of the Independent dealer. Anyone can build a fortress with someone else’s money. The Independent sector is where dreams are made. Where the entrepreneurs hang out. The Auto Industry Excellence Awards is there for the independent dealer, no matter their size or stature, to showcase and be recognised for the excellent work they do and the value they add to the economy.

Having worked closely with the IMDA for some time, it is evident just how valuable this organisation is, and will be, to the sector. We want to support that voice. To bring expertise and insight into the Independent sector to help them grow, realise their dreams and recognise just how much they can achieve. To lift up the David to a position to fight the Goliath. We love the people we meet and work with, we love how they are all so very different and yet all share the same passion for the industry.

As we work with our clients, from the IMDA, to value added product providers, to a variety of dealers, we felt that supporting these awards was a natural fit for our business. Our vision is to be the “go to” for the Independent sector, and its supply chain, when they need help in developing their business and, almost most importantly of all, its people.

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