GBB Coaching & Consultancy Sponsor ‘Sales Manager Excellence Award’

GBB Coaching & Consultancy Sponsor ‘Sales Manager Excellence Award’

We are excited to announce that GBB Coaching & Consultancy will be an official sponsor for this year’s Auto Industry Awards. As specialists in management coaching, we know how vital recognition and reward are for building professional development and strong business relationships. That’s why we are delighted to be sponsoring the ‘Sales Manager Excellence Award’, and to be a part of an event that will give everyone the opportunity to reflect on his or her success.

There are some fantastic sales managers up and down the UK and we are always keen to learn from those who are successful in their field. It's these real-world best practices that we incorporate into our own training programmes.

So, who are GBB Coaching & Consultancy?

GBB stands for Good, Better, Best. We offer coaching that builds upon what people are already good at and equips them with the skills to leverage these strengths for the better. Candidates are so often aware of gaps in their own style or processes; when armed with the right tools they can bridge these gaps to become the best at what they do.

We’re proud to say we’ve been providing effective coaching for over 10 years, delivering programmes to major automotive brands across the UK. We understand the complexities of franchised networks, the specialist roles, and the unique pressures of the automotive industry. Our style has grown from a strong coaching background, based on the firm belief that professional development is achieved by building on people’s strengths.

That’s why when people attend our training courses; we give them real tools to apply new skills and attitudes in the workplace.

All our structured training programmes are based on proven models and coaching principles, to support delegates to implement change in the real world. Providing these tools increases productivity, workplace satisfaction, results, and performance.

Our newly developed for 2019 ‘Stepping into Leadership Programme’ supports those in their first management or supervisory role. Here they explore the fundamentals of leadership and learn new skills. Our course will ensure they can confidently manage day-to-day challenges from objective and target setting to managing staff performance, process management, and budget management.

Our clients use the programme to create a management community, who can support each other to solve internal challenges. This helps to develop and retain staff, rather than recruit into management positions. We help you build management teams who are able to accept and achieve challenging targets within a business.

Each programme is results focused, with clear measurable outcomes and evaluations. Each course also includes bespoke elements, lending clients the opportunity to tailor each programme to the specific needs of their business. With a talented and diverse team of 50 plus associates, we can carefully match the right coach to suit a candidate’s needs.

If you’re interested in finding out more about GBB Coaching & Consultancy we’d love for you to connect with us on LinkedIn or go to


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