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Autoguard Academy

There are moments in time where companies do something exceptional for their industry and are remembered for doing so, for years to come. Such a moment has happened on 6th January 2020. On this date, Autoguard Warranties Ltd announced the launch of the Autoguard Academy.

The Autoguard Academy is an entirely new initiative that aims to improve the profitability of over 1,500 independent motor dealerships across the United Kingdom. The service comprises of complimentary Profitability Clinics, that have already been proven to boost the revenues and profits of dealers who attend.

Rob Dockerill, Autoguard Warranties CEO, had this to say about the new Autoguard Academy. “I recognise the pressures that independent motor dealers are under when it comes to the enormous amount of change relating to legislation, competition, technology and marketing. We hear all the time from our dealers the struggle they have in maintaining their profit margins, let alone grow them. I think it is right for us to offer our dealers complimentary Profitability Clinics that will be delivered by an automotive-leading consultancy who have an impressive proven track record for growing businesses.”

The Profitability Clinics will show dealers how to grow their business by extensively covering; how to improve their sales process, improving financial product penetration, improving warranty penetration, optimising stock turn and managing costs. Autoguard Warranties have stressed that this is not some marketing gimmick that will be offered for one year and then dropped. “This is a genuine attempt to improve the market that we operate in”, added Dockerill. “This is real money that we are spending on our dealers to help them boost their profits, and I am excited that we are the first automotive value-added product service provider to do something like this. We are in this for the long term”.

Dockerill had this to say about this new chapter in Autoguard history. “I want Autoguard to be more than a warranty company. I want to help all our dealers, no matter how big or small they are, to develop their business and grow their profitability. I strongly urge all of our dealers to sign up to attend one of the complimentary Profitability Clinics being held up and down the country, throughout the whole of 2020.”

Autoguard Warranties, a leading and award-winning supplier of vehicle warranties and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance to motor dealerships throughout the United Kingdom, was incorporated in 2009. Since then Autoguard Warranties has grown rapidly, supported by over 1,500 motor dealerships.

Autoguard Academy and Sentience

To ensure that Autoguard delivers real value to our dealers, Autoguard Warranties has formed a strategic alliance with Sentience Automotive Solutions. Dockerill commented on this alliance “I am delighted that we could form this strategic alliance with Sentience Automotive Solutions. Widely recognised as the best business improvement consultancy in the industry, Sentience Automotive Solutions has done wonders for the likes of Audi, BMW, Emerald House of Cars, Martins Volkswagen, LMC Citroen, Lookers, Kia and Renault dealerships. I now want all of our other dealerships to benefit too.”

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