A Fantastic £4500 Raised In The Charity Auction For Elsie

A Fantastic £4500 Raised In The Charity Auction For Elsie

Here at The Auto Industry Excellence Awards, we feel that supporting a very worthy family through our charity auction was something we just had to do.

Recently Anthony Heard, Managing Director of Braintree Motor Works posted on LinkedIn about a charity fundraising event being organised to help support his 3 year old niece Elsie Ellis who is sadly suffering from a rare type of childhood cancer –Rhabdomyosarcoma, or RMS, an aggressive and highly malignant form of cancer that develops from skeletal (striated) muscle cells that have failed to fully differentiate. It is generally considered to be a disease of childhood, as the vast majority of cases occur in those below the age of 18. Ellie was diagnosed with cancer in her throat and nose.

Elsie is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital and just about to start 7 weeks of treatment in Manchester where they only offer the specialist treatment that she needs.

Charity AuctionKarl Ridley of Autocars UK donated a framed and signed Roy Keane Irish 2002 World Cup football top for the auction.

Bidding started with earnest in the room with the winning bid made by the CEO of Big Motoring World Peter Waddell. Peter’s triumphant winning bid was £3000. As if this wasn’t astonishing enough, Gerry Moxham of Click Dealer pledged his loosing bid of £1500 to be added to the funds raised.

Thank you so much to both of these business men for their astonishing generosity! This will make a difference to Elsie and her family!

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