Carsnip proud to sponsor Used Car Retailer Excellence Award later this month


When the opportunity to sponsor an award that recognises outstanding achievement in the Automotive Industry was presented, the Carsnip team felt honoured to be involved and work with the organisers. The award for Retailer Excellence is something that Carsnip feels very passionately about. We work with an array of car retailers of this size, all of whom we feel share common ground with us; they all care deeply about their customer, put their customer first, and have their customer at the forefront of their mind with every decision they take in their dealership.

It is important to Carsnip to support dealer excellence and success, and partnering with the Auto Excellent Awards offers great synergy with Carsnip’s mission to support independent dealers in this challenging industry.

The Carsnip mission is built on core principles aimed to facilitate the individual brand of a dealer to flourish. The Carsnip search engine offers dealers a chance to stand out from their competition, whilst also combating the challenging aspects of the traditional classified advertising options. Carsnip is designed to allow the buyer to visit the dealers website at the earliest possible moment in their car buying process, giving the dealer boosted brand awareness, as well as the remarketing power and cross selling opportunities that allows a dealership to flourish in the 21st century.

Contrary to many platforms which may force upon its dealers features such as price comparison and (un)representative finance examples, Carsnip instead aims to give that power to the independent dealer. As such, Carsnip does not host these detrimental and distracting features that haze the marketplace and confuse the buyer.

Just like the winner of this category will possess professionalism, structure and growth within their dealership, we believe the key to being successful is to provide a clean transparent product, sold honestly, and with the customer at the heart of their every move.

The Carsnip team will be in attendance at the awards night, and are excited to present this award to the successful winner. Good luck to all nominees, and see you at the podium.

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