FOXY Lady Sponsors Repair Garage of The Year


As the UK's only membership club for women drivers, we're fussy about our business partners and we only work with those that can demonstrate measurable signs of excellence in the automotive industry. So I am forever on the look out for additional signs of excellence, including working with The Auto Industry Excellence Awards, so I can promote new standards to women.

I am also a professional marketer so I am delighted to be presenting the 'Repair Garage of The Year Award' to recognise the genuinely best automotive businesses in this sector and to celebrate their successes on the night.

Looking forward, I hope that this award category will encourage more businesses to apply for this recognition in future, knowing they already do such an outstanding job for their customers.

Service and repair garages aren’t regulated so anyone can set up a garage and operate it without motorists realising this shortcoming. More worrying, mechanics don’t have to be licensed to do their jobs and, in the great scheme of things, few are licensed despite many excellent (but optional) programmes within the trade.

As I see it, the most important awards in a garage environment equate to a measurable standard of competence when it comes to car sales, vehicle servicing, mechanical and bodywork repairs. Of particular note are the Auto Industry Excellence Awards which FOXY sponsors and which, in turn, attracts many FOXY Lady Approved service and repair garages.

Who is FOXY Lady Drivers Club

FOXY is a unique female brand (meaning savvy) operating in an industry where too many women feel ill at ease. We're the UK's only motoring club for women and we provide a range of exclusive services to help members save time, money and stress. Benefits include female friendly VIP services, offers, advice, information and support.

The Club is run on a not for profit basis so our FOXY Lady Approved business partners actively sponsor our work. This means that any approved garage, car dealer or tyre centre has signed our FOXY Promise to 'never overcharge, patronise or sell anyone anything they don't need,' meets our minimum quality standards and provides excellent female feedback to confirm this.

We work hard to remind the industry that women are the spending gender that either pays for or influences the majority of all cars sold and their aftercare. Yet research confirms that few females want to be treated like men, as is too often their experience.

Our marketing services are unique and, as a female brand, are targeted at women. We supply eye-catching digital materials and marketing advice so that partner businesses can promote themselves to women at their own website and garage in addition to our online marketing services. When women are shopping online for garage repair services they are more likely to choose a business that recognises their needs and expectations, than one that hasn't made this marketing effort.

We also help with relationship marketing services whereby Partners can offer their female customers and business contacts a lifetime subscription gift to FOXY Lady Drivers Club. So when the Club sends its monthly e-newsletter, members are reminded of the Partner business, why they are part of FOXY's approved network and to share this knowledge with their friends.

Clearly, being a female friendly repair garage SHOULD be a minimum business standard in 2020 but the reality is that few women drivers experience this as yet. So the Auto Industry Excellence Awards is another way for the best businesses to differentiate themselves here so that local motorists (female and male) can choose and expect a better service experience in future.

If you'd like to know more, please visit our Club website:


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