Carsnip prepares to present Marketing and Advertising Excellence award to celebrate industry success


Carsnip is delighted to sponsor the award for Marketing and Advertising Excellence; elements of the Automotive industry that are synergetic of Carsnip’s mission.

When the opportunity to sponsor this award presented itself, Philip White, Commercial Director for Carsnip jumped at the chance, saying, ‘we couldn’t dream of a better category for Carsnip to Sponsor. We are very excited to be able to celebrate such outstanding excellence in the industry, and wish all the nominees the best of luck in this category.’

The winner for Marketing and Advertising Excellence will show outstanding achievement in digital, print and PR, with an all round successful campaign including ROI, engagement and profitability.

For the last 3 years Carsnip has been an advocate for brand autonomy; “our belief in a dealers brand awareness and ability to build a loyal customer base has formed the foundation of our platform’ comments Philip White, Commercial Director. He goes on to say ‘We are thrilled to be able to present this award, but I don’t underestimate how tricky this category is likely to be for the judges.’

The Carsnip search engine is built on the principles that dealers need to invest into their own brand awareness in order to stand out from a crowded marketplace. Carsnip Premium is a Pay Per Click advertising service, similar to Google Ads, which allows a dealer to receive highly engaged, in-market car buyers directly to their own website. ‘We believe the traditional classified advertising model is inherently flawed. The concept of spending so much money on your website, social media channels, a great sales and customer care teams, is completely redundant if the buyer always remains hidden on a classified site.’

Carsnip is designed to allow the buyer to connect with the dealer when they are ready to buy, by clicking through an advertisement and landing on the dealers own website. If you’ve invested in a fantastic online showroom, show it off!

The Carsnip team will be in attendance at the awards night, and are excited to present this award to the successful winner. Good luck to all nominees, and see you at the podium.

If you would like to know more about the Carsnip search engine, or any of the services we offer, please get in touch at

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