Why enter the Auto Industry ExcellenceAwards?

AwardsWell it’s your opportunity to show your existing clients, your new clients and your competitors that you are the best of the best!

Entering the Auto Industry Excellence Awards is totally FREE. All you need to do is spend a little time putting together the best application you can. Shout about your achievements, brag about why you are the best, what makes you stand out from your competitors, what makes you unique. We know the judges will be looking for organisations, managers, leaders and employees that think outside of the box. Businesses that demonstrate confidence in their abilities, individuality and achievements. Leading a business is difficult, growing a business is difficult, attracting new customers is difficult, keeping customers is difficult – we want to see your passion, your flair, your individuality. So, when you are putting together your award entry, don’t undersell yourselves and don’t fall back on the old clichés. Make your voices heard, make your entry stand out!

If you find yourself shortlisted as a finalist, we will promote you all the way to the Gala night. And if you are lucky enough to win – then we will raise a glass and toast you as being the best of the best! We will enjoy seeing you celebrate with your team and with your peers! Good luck to all that enter!