Sponsors two categories at the 2019 Auto Industry Excellence Awards Sponsors two categories at the 2019 Auto Industry Excellence Awards

We are very proud to be sponsoring two awards at the 2019 Auto Industry Excellence Awards. It is a fantastic opportunity to recognise and celebrate dealers across the spectrum and we are very excited to be attending the awards ceremony. We are passionate about providing dealerships with an improved proposition and we work very closely with our dealers to help them capture customers at the right moment; so it seemed only fitting that we sponsor the ‘Used Car Retailer Excellence Award’ and the ‘Used Car Retailer Excellence Award: 61+ Cars’.

We believe that customer-centricity is the key to ‘feel good’ selling and it is a notion that underpins every part of our business. We have been in the industry for over 40 years and have gained an impeccable reputation for delivering quality and innovative products and services. Our latest addition is a ground-breaking car aggregator site that aims to put that ‘feel-good’ feeling back into car buying and selling. Our car aggregation platform,, provides MotoNovo dealers with free online advertising space that delivers high levels of quality stock for customers and high finance penetration for dealers. We launched the site in January of this year and have seen great success in its first few months. The natural next step for was to provide a platform that had zero advertising costs, to benefit both the customer and the dealer.

The motor industry is a competitive and rapidly evolving industry and profit opportunities are continually being challenged. Advertising can be a huge drain on resources and can impact dealership’s profit margins and overall success. That’s why we believe free advertising is the future of the motor industry. With no upfront advertising costs, we hope to give the power back to our dealers and help them increase their finance penetration and brand exposure. We are every bit as confident in the platform today as the day it launched, and we are excited to see it grow in the future.

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